Our expert in-house graphic designers have a wealth of experience in the creation of both digital and paper forms of advertising imagery. Whether you are an individual starting out in business for the first time, or work for a large corporation, we follow the rule that a picture tells a thousand words and work with our clients closely to ensure the image you have in your head is what is portrayed in the final product.

All of our digitally designed graphics are fully optimized for use on the web, they are able to be loaded quickly no matter the speed of the person’s internet connection and look clean and fresh thanks to our use of 100% web safe coloring and gradient forming techniques. We understand how important that first impression is.


Some of the products we have created include:

Logos: A high quality logo is one of the key ways to establish yourself as unique in the market place. We can provide you with a wide assortment of corporate branding items designed to impress both you and your client’s. Our logos are produced so that whether they appear on paper or on your website, they will stand out and attract the eye of all who view the item.

Business Cards: Your business card is often a first impression of your business. Our professionally designed business cards are custom created with your business goals in mind. Your finished business cards are print ready and can be sent directly to your favorite printer.

Brochures: A professionally designed and laid out brochure tells your clients about not just the products and services you have to offer, but also about your brand as a whole. We create brochure designs that are aimed to help your business portray who you are and what you do with pride and confidence at a price you can afford.

Posters and Flyers: A strongly imaged, well designed poster or flyer will attract attention where ever it’s seen. Helping you to stand out from the crowd at shows and exhibitions, a well designed poster etc. is vital to any business as it’s often the first thing people see when interacting with you for the first time.

Have something else in mind?

If you have a graphic design project in mind, but are unsure where to begin then let us help. We offer a range of packages available and are able to meet the demands of any sized purse. Simply get in contact with us and see what we can do for you!

By choosing 96 Web Design you can be sure that your investment will bring the returns you seek in today’s ultra competitive world.