Search Engine Optimization is one of the most important and most commonly often overlooked areas of modern web design. It doesn’t matter how good your website looks, or the number of features it has is, if people don’t ever find you when they use the search engines you’ll never sell anything!

Instead let us help you reach the top pages in Google, Bing and Yahoo etc so that your website receives hundreds if not thousands of visitors every week so that you make the returns you and your quality products deserve.

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First we begin by getting your website SEO friendly! We look at all the important factors which form the individual parts of your site such as the page titles, the description, headings and meta-tags and even the code it’s self. Google and the other search engines pay special attention these parts of your site and so we make sure these areas contain all of the keywords you are targeting. This alone can boost your website’s ranking immediately!
Second we analyze the keywords you are currently trying to rank for so that you actually have a chance of being in that all important number one position. It’s about picking your battles and choosing the keywords you have a good chance of ranking for, and at the same time avoiding the ones which will take much too long to conquer, and cost an awful amount of money! We’ll be able to win those positions for the big keywords eventually, but it’s about being realistic and taking one step at a time.

Thirdly we begin the link building process. To rank well and higher than your competitors a big part of SEO requires that you have good quality, on-topic links on other websites pointing to your’s. This stage is the longest of all, and must be done in a natural and consistent manner with an increase in velocity over time.

Finally we move onto stage four, the monitoring and maintaining of your new position at the top of the search engine results. Many people make the mistake of just stopping when they get to where they want to be, and this is where most make their mistake, we though shall continue to cement your position whilst at the same time developing your ranking position for new search terms so that as time progresses you can come to dominate the search engines for all the terms people use to search for your products and services.